2012-12-12:  Major site update is now complete.  Most of the photos have been touched up or replaced.  Many new photos have been added [check out: Mammoth Mountain, Santa Monica Beach, Yosemite (California collection); Arches, Bryce, Zion (Utah Collection); plus many other galleries (go explore)].  Removed some photos that I felt have since fallen below my site's increasing quality standard.  Collections/Galleries have been overhauled to provide a more streamlined grouping (Many nature/scenic/landscape photos have been grouped by state; while architecture/art/urban-scapes have been grouped by city) for an easier and more intuitive navigation.


2012-01-14:  Site is done.  Sending out facebook group invites/emails/texts/etc about it tonight!


2012-01-11:  Available options for automated Printing/Pricing is proving to be a headache beacuse of the unusual sizes of the panoramic images.  Thinking of going with detail/standard photos being fully-automated, and doing panoramics in a more maunal process (which will take a little bit longer to get the final print to you, but I'll have more control over the process and you won't end up with giant white borders on certain images).  Calling this week for details.


2012-01-08:  Site is almost ready to go live, and all I have left to do is:

-Add pricing to all images


2012-01-03:  Moving along, getting closer to being.  To do list:

-Add pricing to all images

-Minor updates/revisions to site

-Review and upload photos from this holiday trip to NY


2011-12-31:  Facebook group is created and ready for this site to go live.

-See link in page footer.